We answer your frequently asked questions about how to shop online with Local Source Market!

When do you restock your inventory?

We have a dynamic inventory, with producers & farmers dropping off throughout the week and sometimes multiple times throughout the week. We're doing our best to make this inventory available to you as soon as possible and to avoid run outs. 

When will you add more dates to the pickup schedule?

We are attempting two days at a time before releasing future dates in order to coordinate with our bakery and have the freshest possible produce available.   

In order to keep our team safe and follow government regulations we are currently working with minimal staff members on a smaller schedule.  Based on guest demand we will assess the viability of bringing more of our team back and lengthening the availability daily.   

How far in advance do I need to order fresh bread?

We bake daily. Our sourdough requires 48 hours to produce. 

How does the Parker Street donation work?

Your generous cash donations go directly to Parker Street's purchasing department.  We are matching your cash donations in bulk fresh food. 

I forgot to something on my list, how can I add to my order?

Within 48 hours of your selected pickup time, you may place another order to have them merged. Please leave us a note.  On the cart page of the ordering process, there is a "message to seller" box, we ask that you reference your previous order and pickup time in order for the team to merge them together. You do not need to add another pickup slot, as you have already secured one spot.  

May I place an order over the phone?

For special cases, please speak with our office before noon (M-F) at 902-406-0757. We are checking messages daily, when we are open.

How can I pickup my neighbours order with mine?

We strongly encourage neighbours, friends and family helping each other during this time of uncertainly.  We will gladly bundle multiple orders together for one person to pickup.  Please leave us a note on the cart page of check out in the "message to seller" box, and clearly explain who's groceries you will be picking up or who is going to be picking up for you.  Only one pickup slot is required. 

Why do I need to select a pickup time?

So our team can have your groceries safely packed and ready for you, pickup times are required. We also want to limit the traffic in front of our building and sidewalk to ensure physical distancing for everyone. 

Can I collect my Local Source loyalty points?

At this time we are unable to add Local Source loyalty points to our guests accounts.  The new system we are working with does not link together with the old system. In addition to this, the in-store loyalty program amounts to  approximately 3% discount.  This new online system costs roughly 3% plus .30 per transaction.  In these uncertain times it is not feasible to have both and keep the lights on. We are working on something to say thank you to our loyalty members as soon as we (hopefully) get back "to normal". 

How often can I order?

We strongly encourage our guests to purchase groceries once a week to limit the time outside their home.

I picked a pickup time, but when I got to checkout it was gone.  What time do I pickup?

Oops! Looks like while you were shopping another guest grabbed the last checkout slot. Please email us at lsmkgroceryconcierge@gmail.com with the selected time and we'll manually add you to our schedule. 

I missed my pickup...how do I collect my order now?

We ask that you give us a call on the Pickup Hotline (902) 406-2447 between 11AM & 4:30PM to arrange an alternate time that works.  If you've ordered fresh baked goods, we will freeze them until you arrive to maintain quality.