Sissiboo - Coffee Beans (454g EA)


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Fireman's Breakfast: Whole bean, dark roast, fair trade from Mexico

Pushed darker than most, this coffee stares down the flame when those of lesser character would flee. Not safe for the untrained or faint of heart, this is an adrenaline-filled tribute to those who don't always get a sit-down meal on the job


Fly By Night: Decaffeinated, whole bean, dark roast, fair trade from Peru

This is for the owls who enjoy the flight but not the night. A fair-weather brew that hints of licorice, raspberries and wine. Go out on a limb and enjoy this roast with friends and chocolate desserts. Lingering encouraged


Fundy Storm: Whole bean, dark roast, fair trade from Nicaragua

Fogged in? Swamped? Feel like you've lost control in a 60 ft. tide? Read for this coffee that will keep you from the rocks, buoy you to refuge and offer smooth sailing to safe harbour. This dark roast brews a brightness at the end that will hold the bitterness of a nor'easter at bay. 


Elacial Erratic: Whole bean, medium roast, fair trade from Ethiopia

Find yourself standing out in a crowd, deviating from the normal in behaviour or opinions? Settling into an unexpected place? Sit back, relax and drink in a rock-solid coffee whose hefty but mellow, full-bodied taste stands out on the otherwise stark landscape


Night Owl: Whole bean, espresso roast, fair trade from Sumatra

In a words of the night owl, "not everybody sleeps at night. It's not strange, just different." Whether you are all alone on a graveyard shift, have a few more miles to travel, or if the solace of a full moon just brings out your genuis, the sweet smoothness of this roast will let you soar with grace


Tobeatic Wild: Whole bean, medium roast, fair trade from Honduras 

This "in tents" roast leaves behind the everyday grinds and offers a smooth and mellow soulful retreat that will take you deep into the sublime of the Acadian forest. Open yourself to the pure, fresh, flavour of this low acid brew that will spark memories of when it was just you and your canoe, the sunrise and your coffee perking on the fire...whether you have been there or not. (We hope you dust off your tent soon